Welcome to the temple of learning
“THIS IS A NEW YEAR 2021-2022
Welcome to the Temple of learning
“THIS IS A NEW YEAR 2021-2022
In education technology
can be a life changer,
a game changer, for kids
who are both in school and out of school.
In education technology can be a life changer,
a game changer, for kids who are both in
school and out of school.
A Child's life is like a piece of paper on
which every person leaves a mark
A Child's life is like a piece of paper on
which every person leaves a mark


Smart class helps students to learn and understand concepts into lesson plans have been made hassle


Students & Teachers are increasingly using Wi-Fi enabled devices for educational purpose


Library is a treasure house of knowledge. The need to seek knowledge beyond the walls of the classroom is essential

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Sree Jayam Helps To Build Your Child's Future

Sree Jayam an ICSE school established with the aim of providing quality education with International standards and innovative methods to improve the quality of higher education.
We ensure that our students develop attributes like Truthfulness, Courtesy, Generosity and excel better than the best in all aspects and experience a excellent transformation at every stage of academic knowledge .

Education is a continuous lifelong progress. It must be understood that one fourth knowledge gained by a student is from the teacher, One fourth is from oneself, One fourth his from fellow pupil and one fourth during the course of his life.


Innovation In Process

Sree jayam school provides best education for students to excel well in all aspects.

Smart Class

We have introduced digital teaching through Smart class Boards inside the classrooms which supports all sub topics in the curriculum giving them a visual experience that makes learning permanent, clear and a comprehensive solution designed to assist teachers and students in meeting day to day classroom challenges.


Our library provides excellent information resources for student’s .It houses over 10,000 resource material, which includes  books, reference books, journals, magazines on various subjects. Our library brings a liberal education and entertainment to our students. It develops the important habit of reading among the students.

Wifi - Enable

We realize that the learning need of every student is unique based on his/her learning style and interest , hence to cater the learning need of each student WiFi connectivity is being provided throughout the jayam campus by 12 wireless access points. Where Students and Staff make use of this enabled device for educational purpose.

Mobile App Tracking

Recognizing the need for effective communication, we have started the School Management System which is linked through the Mobile App Tracking  enabling the parents to get first hand information about their child’s aptitude in academics. Parent can track there child’s day to day activities through this app.

NEET Coaching

To understand the expectations of a child and to support a child’s future endeavors we provide NEET coaching for classes 8 and above which helps them to develop an awareness of professional help in the right path.

Yoga Coaching

Yoga being a part of our school curriculum from classes 1 to 10 where students are well trained under the guidance of eminent yoga experts. As we strongly believe that yoga provides a holistic approach to the health and well being of a student.

Music Coaching

“Music and Melody” stands with a soul purpose to identify, teach, train our students in music so we provide them a platform to exhibit their talents and touch everyone’s heart with their music notes. Children learn to appreciate the nuances in music


Our school encourages and appreciates all sports participants. Students are encouraged and motivated to participate in state level, National level tournaments. Special coaching classes are conducted in the evening.

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Download Sree Jayam School Mobile App

Sree Jayam School Learning Portal For Ensuring Academic Excellence.

Sree Jayam School – Proper functioning of the school depends on its management system. At times, it becomes hectic for the school management and the staff to synchronize everything. Technology has an answer to all this with school management app.

More over, the school communication app helps children to learn efficiently and co-ordinate with the teachers. Even parents can be aware of their child’s performance.

Class Attendance: The class attendance app helps the school to keep a track of attendance of every individual student. Teachers are able to mark the attendance in minutes and notify it to the parents if their ward is absent.

Assign Homework: This mobile app helps to share daily homework through online with the students. It becomes not only easier for the parents to keep a check on the child’s performance but also for students to complete the assigned homework on time.

Share Important Study Resources: Sometimes, kids may not be able to attend school due to health issues. Such an absence from school might lead them into trouble if they miss any important lecture. To overcome this hurdle, school mobile apps have a provision of sharing study resources.To keep students in loop with what has been taught in the classroom; That’s quite simple!

School Bus Tracking for Ensuring Kid’s Security: Last but certainly not the least; being a sensible educator and parent, you must take care of student’s safety. No matter how bizarre it may sound, child safety has to be on the top priority of schools. Increasing cases of kidnapping, child abuse, and horrific murders have left us with no choice! Just like a kid’s education, their safety must also be treated equally. School bus tracking apps can be the best friend in making their safety journey easier! Bus tracking apps with GPS (Global Positioning System) can track the location of the school bus, give out details about the driver, and keep the parents as well as educators informed about the whys and wherefores of the munchkin. Therefore, school administrators must invest in a reliable school mobile app with GPS bus tracking software.

Report card: Parents can easily download and view their children’s report sheet anywhere. They can easily assess their mobile and view children performance in their academic easily.

Download center: Through this parents and teachers are able to download the syllabus, portions, report sheet, time table class room performance etc..,