High school level

High school level

At this level the focus is on the individual where both excellence and progress are celebrated.  Higher knowledge and greater learning may be erected as children undertake their own cheerful journey into formal education.

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Enriching curriculumwith Projects&SUPW WORK

The High School level of SreeJayam School comprises of standard. In the High school students build on the foundation laid in previous years. New challenges are met as communication reasoning, problem solving and value judgment becoming more complex.

Students in the High School persive a common, comprehensive, academically-oriented curriculum which prepares them for success in high school the curriculum prepares students for various national & International curricula like ICSE & IGCSE programmes offered in the high school.

High School Level

Grade Months & Years
Junior KG 3 Years 6 Month
Senior KG 4 Years 6 Month
Grade I 5 Years 6 Month
Grade II 6 Years 6 Month
Grade III 7 Years 6 Month
Grade IV 8 Years 6 Month
Grade V 9 Years 6 Month
Grade VI 10 Years 6 Month
Grade VII 11 Years 6 Month
Grade VIII 12 Years 6 Month
Grade IX 13 Years 6 Month
Grade X 14 Years 6 Month