Primary School Level

Primary School

 Well balanced curriculum which equip the learners to meet the challenges of life with confidence and success

The PRIMARY COMPARTMENT is a place where every child discovers his/her identity with

  • Effective communication with oratory skill assessment.
  • Learner oriented curriculum
  • Phonic Methodology
  • Value education

Our Primary level of SreeJayam School comprises of classes I – V. These are foundation years of education where various skills, preferences and abilities are developed. The school follows an integrated curriculum of the council for the ICSE.

We Recognize the Children at this level have their own unique abilities, interest, aspirations and expectations. Therefore our Curriculum in these classes are structured to encourage and motivate them to become self confident, self reliant and self disciplined and thus help them achieve full potential. Our teachers use multiple learning styles to help students retain information and strengthen understanding.

Primary School Subjects

I - Language English Social Science
II - Language Tamil/Hindi Value Education
III - Language Hindi/Tamil General Knowledge
Mathematics Computer Science
Environmental Studies Art & Craft
Science Physical Education
Explaining Demonstrating
Collaborating uses of The Interactive Board
Class Projects Field Trips
Assessments Sports